Beyond his consummate professionalism, Yigal Arnon is known for the importance he places on the human element involved in legal assistance. As such, many needy clients, sometimes without a cent to their names, were not only not turned away, but were provided by Yigal with the funds necessary to implement his suggestions and advice.

The direction in which the firm has grown over the years has been shaped by the image of its founder –which all partners conscientiously advance. Recently, Yigal Arnon discovered that a non-profit organization, whose goal is to bring together Jews and Arabs and to help them in times of need, and which he had helped found decades earlier, is among the institutions that receive free legal assistance from the firm, this without the knowledge of those who are both giving and receiving support today.

As part of the firm’s communal activities, the firm has supported scholarship funds established by Yigal himself, which are managed by the Friends of the Hebrew University, and which grant scholarships to disadvantaged students at the Hebrew University, totaling millions of shekels.

 Additionally, attorneys from the firm have created a program called “The Rules of the Game”, as part of the “Different Kind of Lesson” program, whose goal is to enrich the classroom in primary schools across the country. Students actively participate in classes teaching basic legal concepts and in mock trials, all through careful preparation and with under close tutelage from the firm’s attorneys. Towards the end of the year, students are hosted in the firm’s offices, and experience the legal work environment up close.

A number of years ago, the Israeli Bar Association recognized the importance of equal access to the justice system, and created a volunteer legal assistance program for those who could not pay for legal services. The program became known as “Reward for a Good Deed” (pro bono). Naturally, the Bar Association turned to Yigal Arnon and requested that he head the program.  Yigal not only accepted the position, but was grateful to the Bar Association for granting him the privilege. In this manner, the firm’s private activities are integrated with its public undertakings – Yigal established the program, stood at its head, and recruited the firm’s attorneys as was necessary. The foundation currently has dozens of aid stations through which hundreds of attorneys, including many from Yigal Arnon & Co., are faithfully serving thousands of clients.