Like the history of its founder, Yigal Arnon, the history of firm Yigal Arnon & Co. is intertwined with the city of Jerusalem. Yigal Arnon grew up in Jerusalem, later fought for it and was wounded in the battles for Jerusalem in the War of Independence.  It was in Jerusalem that he went to law school, started a family, and first opened his office in the late 1950’s.

In the legal profession, especially in the field of litigation, it is said that Jerusalem is like another world, in that it impels its lawyers to be more calm and amiable, to be fair and amicable towards colleagues, in and out of the courtroom.  In the legal community, Yigal Arnon & Co. is viewed as a firm that reflects these Jerusalem qualities, even as the firm now divides its activities between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The character of the firm stems from an understanding on the part of its partners and associates of the path that Yigal blazed, whose main focus is that professionalism and client services can coexist with humanity, commitment to society, and integrity.

Within a short time after opening his firm in Jerusalem, Yigal Arnon was recognized as a talented young attorney. Within a few years, he was considered a leading attorney in the field of civil law, first in Jerusalem, and then throughout the country, and was recognized as one of the most prominent attorneys active in these fields in Israel.

Over the years, the firm added partners who specialized in different areas of the law, creating a professional conglomerate constituting one of the five largest and most successful firms in Israel. Most of the firm’s partners have grown with the firm, from clerkship through work as an associate, up to being accepted as partners.

The firm is considered to be the most capable at finding creative solutions for any legal problem in the various areas of civil law, including the various corporate finance, commercial law, real estate, intellectual property, banking, international transactions, taxes, labor law, and similar fields. The firm is consistently found at the top of the law firm rankings, particularly in terms of quality of care and its ability to deal with a wide variety of areas.

Yigal Arnon & Co. is situated throughout a number of buildings on a Jerusalem campus, each of which maintains and contributes to the unique Jerusalem landscape, and which have been the subject of great architectural interest. Its Tel Aviv offices are located on a number of floors in two of the Azrieli Towers.