Adv. Harry Kirsh, Head of our Tax Department, was appointed to serve as a Judge in Tel Aviv's District Court
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Adv. Ronit Amir-Yaniv was appointed Chairman of the Board and Head of Management of the International Chamber of Commerce - ICC Israel
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The international Chamber of Commerce was established in 1919. It encompasses over 8,000 of the most influential companies and business associations around the world and is active in promoting various aspects of trade between countries, corporations, businesses, and chambers of commerce in around 140 countries worldwide.

An Israeli, an American and a Dutchman Begin a Debt Restructuring Process – Who Will Finish First?
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Adv. Gil Oren participated, along other dominant lawyers in the field of Debt Arrangement, in an article published by the Calcalist newspaper.

Meddling in the debt arrangements' lawyer fees is populistic
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Adv. Gil Oren participated, along other dominant lawyers in the field of Debt Arrangement, in a special panel hosted by Globes newspapers, discussing the various debt arrangements of 2013.

Bitcoin: Innovative new currency, or tool for terror?
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Advs. Shiri Shaham and Guy Lachmann were interviewed by the Haaretz newspaper regarding regulatory aspects of the virtual currency Bitcoin and its implications.

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Hi-tech is not just about Waze: The brain drain is a real threat
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Adv. Barak Platt participated in a panel with other top Hi-tech, Technology and IP attorneys, organized by Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI).  


Israeli Geeks Stormed for the Exit in 2013
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The Marker newspaper hosted a panel with leading senior lawyers in High-tech and technology. Adv. Barry Levenfeld was the most senior and experienced lawyer in the panel.

Soldiers' Paycheck
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Adv. Amnon Lorch was interviewed by Israel Hayom newspaper regarding the wage raise of soldiers in duty.

Shira Lahat for The Marker newspaper: Employee unions are striking, the public is paying – and no one is suing
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Shira Lahat participated in an article that discusses the need to amend the law to permit filing personal claims against the people who were involved in causing labor unions to strike in contravention of the law. 

Adv. Gil Oren appears in The Marker newspaper following the sale of 10% of the rights in NSI
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Adv. Gil Oren, appointed liquidator of Habas, appears in The Marker newspaper in an item announcing the sale of 10% of the rights in NSI, a Dutch real estate investment trust, owned by Habas.

Adv. Shira Lahat interviews for the Mamon magazine
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Adv. Shira Lahat participated in the preparation of a professional guide that details when it is permissible for employers to deduct from the their employees' salaries.

Ronit Amir Yaniv interviewed for the Lady Globes Magazine
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Magazine Lady Globes interviewed Ronit Amir Yaniv, along with other attorneys about negotiations. The "Champions of Negotiations" as they called them, gave tips and share their experience on the matter.

Amir Assali listed in the Promising Under 40 list of The Marker magazine
Amir Assali
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The Marker magazine publishes every year a list of promising professionals under 40 in areas such as  law, economics, society and more. This year, Amir Assali was selected as one of the six promising attorneys under 40.

Barry Levenfeld participates in the 2013 "Wheels of Love"
Barry Levenfeld
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Barry Levenfeld, one of the founders and organizers of the 'Wheels of Love' - the annual bike ride for the children of ALYN Hospital and
Israel's largest international charity sport event, participates in the 2013 WOL.

Barak Tal interviews for "The Marker"
"Giant Corporations Buy the Silence of the Plaintiffs"
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Manor and Livnat set a foundation for future claims: "Solvency has become the main test for the distribution of dividends"
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Adv. Gil Oren interviewed for the Calcalist newspaper. 

It Does Not Look Good: Is an Employer Entitled to Choose Employees According to External Appearance?
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Shira Lahat participated in the preparation of this article for Calcalist newspaper, August 2013.

Israeli Companies Enter to Late into Debt Arrangement
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Adv. Gil Oren interviews for the article in the "Marker" newspaper.

Justice? Not When it Comes to Debt Arrangements
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Gil Oren and Shai Reicher in the Calcalist newspaper, July 2013.

The Mechanism of the Dream
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Adv. Barry Levenfeld interviews for the article in the "Marker" newspaper.

Leading Attorneys for Contractors
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Adv. Hagit Bavly was recognized as a leading lawyer in the field of real estate law in Israel (The Marker, May 22, 2013).

Ido Chitman - The Marker
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Ido Chitman planned a career in litigation - but his father's sudden death made him an expert in copyright law.

Advocates Amnon Lorch, Aner Hefetz and Roy Sarel Take Action to Raise the Wages of Soldiers in Duty
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Guide for the New Members of the Knesset: Economic Legislative Amendments Required in the Knesset
Barry P. Levenfeld, Globes
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Initiative of the Bar Association: Special Jobs for Mothers
Shira Lahat, Yedihot Aharonot
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The Supreme Court Ruling According to Which an Employee Can Claim Royalties Resulted in an "Hi-Tech Earthquake"
Barry P. Levenfeld, Calcalist
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New Year's Expectations of Leading Lawyers
Shira Lahat, Yedihot Aharonot
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Attorneys Earn Money from Class Action Suits, the Public Doesn't
Barak Tal - The Marker
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Regulators Can Set the Rules of the Game - But Shouldn't Interfere
Shiri Shaham - Calcalist
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The Regulation on Shareholders is Excessive, Eventually the Minority will Conduct the Majority
Shiri Shaham, Gil Oren, Calcalist
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How to Get the Train Back on Track
David Schapiro and Micha Tollman, Yediot Hachronot
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Infrastructure Instead of Medals
David Schapiro and Micha Tollman, Globes.
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Personal Profile- Adv. Ronit Amir Yaniv
Globes, Israel Buisness News
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Adv. Ronit Amir Yaniv Interview with Globes

Long Live the State of Tel Aviv
Amnon Lorch
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The governmental offices forfeit it, the budgets don’t get to it and investors forget about it, Does anyone remember that Jerusalem is still the capital? 
The article was published in the Maariv newspaper on February 2012.

What would you save from a burning house?
Calcalist, Diana Bachur-Nir
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Adv. Amnon Lorch Interviews with Calcalist

The power of the streets must be translated to political power
Globes, Israel Buisness News, Ella Lavi-Vinriv
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Adv Dror Vigdor writes on the protests

You Don't Meet People Like Yigal Arnon
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He made his first deal with yigal Arnon by his side, presenting him as a leading lawyer in his field. No wonder he admires the boss. A conversation with David Schapiro.

This interview was published in a Globes Newspaper edition.

The 11th Journey Convention
David Schapiro
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David Schapiro, Senior Partner in Yigal Arnon and Co. expresses his position on Israeli High-Tech, in the 11th Journey Convention.
Published in the Globes.