The highly-ranked Antitrust and Competition Group at Yigal Arnon & Co. provides comprehensive legal services to our clients wherever antitrust and competition law come into play, including in mergers and acquisitions, commercial transactions that may involve restrictive practices and the strict regulations that may apply to monopolies.

Clients who depend on our expertise include Israeli and multinational companies from across the economy, including food and consumer goods, banking and insurance, real estate and commercial centers, transportation, construction, telecommunication, postal services, tourism and high-tech sectors. In addition to providing ongoing advice, we represent these clients before the Antitrust Authority, the Antitrust Tribunal and in civil and criminal courts.

Our team, which carries with it decades of experience, includes lawyers who hold management positions in the National Antitrust Committee of the Israel Bar Association and in other organizations’ antitrust committees. 

Mergers and Acquisitions Consultation

Yigal Arnon & Co. is involved in the largest, most complex M&A transactions in Israel. As a result, our Antitrust Group specializes in assisting local and cross-border mergers, providing consultation with respect to merger notification requirements, assisting with notification and providing legal support until antitrust approval is obtained. We offer antitrust consultation in various merger transactions, including company mergers, the purchase of assets or rights and long-term licenses or leases. Sometimes these acquisitions involve the acquisition of a single Israeli company, but often they involve the Israeli portion of a global acquisition of one multi-national company by another.

Ongoing Consultation

Ongoing consultation in regard to the implementation of antitrust law is a frequent necessity. Services we provide range from guidance on antitrust compliance programs to counsel on legal opinions having to do with an array of commercial practices (for example, supplier, distribution, client and agent agreements; joint ventures; research and development contracts; and consulting with unions).  In particular, we help our global clients customize their international antitrust compliance programs to the applicable laws and regulations in Israel.

The Antitrust Authority and Antitrust Tribunal

We represent clients in a range of proceedings before the Antitrust Commissioner and the Antitrust Tribunal. This includes applications for exemptions to restrictive arrangements and hearing procedures prior to decisions (such as monopoly declarations or enforcement of monetary sanctions), as well as appealing such decisions to the Antitrust Tribunal. We also approach the Antitrust Commissioner regarding objections to merger or restrictive transactions, and in reporting third-party violations of antitrust laws on behalf of clients who have been harmed by the anti-competitive actions of other players.  

Representation in Civil and Criminal Courts

Yigal Arnon & Co. provides legal assistance to clients throughout relevant criminal proceedings—for example, in investigations and inspections by the Antitrust Authority, hearing procedures ahead of indictment, negotiating agreed decrees or plea bargains in lieu of indictment and in criminal litigation. Working together with our top-ranked class action defense group, we have special expertise in defending clients in civil actions, including class actions based on antitrust causes of action, such as excessive pricing.

Competition and Regulation

Yigal Arnon & Co. represents clients in competition-related regulatory matters, consults with trade and industry unions, and advises on the implementation of the Law for Promotion of Competition in the Food Sector and the Law for Promotion of Competition and Reduction of Concentration.



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