Yigal Arnon & Co. has assisted companies in many of Israel's largest, most significant and most complex transactions. In some cases we have created deal structures and implemented strategies for both acquirers and targets in transactions for which there was no legal precedent.

We have experience with deals of virtually every possible structure and size, including public company acquisitions, private company acquisitions, stock-swap transactions and asset sales.

While our firm has captured headlines in some of Israel's largest mergers and acquisitions (often representing multinational companies acquiring Israeli businesses), our work away from the public eye has been equally significant. We have completed a considerable number of equally complex medium-sized transactions, including those for emerging growth or industrial companies.

In our M&A practice, as in our other practice areas, attorneys from our corporate, labor, tax, antitrust, litigation and other practice areas pool their skills to provide clients with the broad range of expertise needed to get the deal done efficiently and as fast as possible.

Our size also allows us to staff M&A transactions, where necessary, with a sufficient number of lawyers to meet the most demanding of timetables.


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