Hanital Belinson  Navon

Hanital Belinson Navon


Hanital Belinson Navon is a partner in the firm's litigation practice and has extensive experience in representing clients in complex commercial and civil disputes. Hanital has broad legal knowledge and she handles cases of significant financial scope or that are revolved around extremely delicate issues for her clients or that deal with complex legal issues.

Hanital specializes in class action litigation and derivative claims and she represents clients who are leaders in their respective fields, including telecommunications companies, banking, automobile manufacturers, insurance, food industry, aviation and many others.

Hanital is an expert in commercial law, securities law and insolvencies and she represents both publicly traded and private companies as well as functionaries such as directors, CEOs and others. Hanital has deep knowledge in privacy law and all legal aspects of Big Data. She is involved in proceedings that deal with precedential and innovative legal matters.

Hanital advises her clients from early stages before the legal process begins and provides legal risk management and odds assessments in order to prevent and minimize legal proceedings.

Hanital provides ongoing consultation to legal departments in major companies in various industries such as communication, banking and aviation, and advises regularly on regulation and other matters such as consumer protection laws, privacy law, spam-related issues and more. Clients can rely on Hanital for assistance with crisis management as it occurs. In that framework, Hanital advises her clients in understanding the legal implications and in laying-out several courses of action in order to deal with the crisis.

Moreover, Hanital represents in various family law proceedings and use her expertise in commercial and civil issues such as company evaluation, trusts, private international law and so forth. Hanital has a vast experience in administrative law including accompanying clients in administrative enforcement proceedings, administrative investigations and criminal law (white-collar and economic and financial offences).

Hanital has extensive experience in representing both Israeli and international airlines and tourism companies in litigation proceedings, including class actions lawsuits, with expertise in representation relating to claims about violating Israeli and foreign laws and international conventions. Hanital has successfully represented clients in some of the most prominent and precedential aviation cases in Israel, some of which have shaped the aviation law in the country, as well as consumer laws that are relevant to the aviation industry. Hanital also provides ongoing consultation and legal support to airlines and tourism companies on various matters, as well as providing legal opinions to foreign companies that seek to operate in Israel by advising them on the legal requirements under Israeli law.

Hanital received both of her LL.B., magna cum laude, and B.A. in management from Tel Aviv University in 2003. She received her LL.M. (specializing in commercial law), summa cum laude, from Tel Aviv University in 2007, in a joint program with the University of California, Berkeley. Hanital was admitted to the Israel Bar in 2004, joined the firm the same year and became a partner in 2012. She is a certified mediator.


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