Eran Zach

Eran Zach


Eran Zach is the head of the criminal practice group in our firm and specializes in "white collar" crimes.

After completing his internship at the Economic Department of the Office of the State Attorney – the state's flagship department for 'white collar' cases, Eran joined a prominent law firm where he represented large companies and senior executives as a criminal defense lawyer in large and complex cases. Eran also represented the Ministry of Environmental Protection in criminal cases after receiving a special appointment by the Israeli Attorney General.

Eran has extensive experience and achievements in representing leading companies and senior executives at all stages of criminal proceedings, including close professional legal advising during the investigation stage, representation before the authorities at hearings, and uncompromising management of cases in court as well at the appeal stage. Eran has represented in all the jurisdictions and against a variety of authorities, including the Competition Authority, the Israel Securities and Exchange Commission, the Money Laundering Authority, the Israel Police (and especially the Lahav Unit 433), as well as various government offices.

Moreover, Eran is a very accomplished practitioner in civil law, representing in cases of significant financial scope in both commercial and class actions.

Eran received his LLB, magna cum laude, and B.A. (Business Management), magna cum laude, in 2001. He was admitted to the Israel Bar in 2003 and joined the firm as a partner in 2019.


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