Guy Fatal

Guy Fatal


Guy Fatal specializes in real estate law, planning and construction law, and commercial law. Inter alia, Guy assists real estate projects throughout: acquisition of land rights, investment, sharing and management agreements, associations with contractors, consultants and suppliers, financing agreements, collaborations with government and municipal entities, sale or rental of units and their delivery to purchasers or tenants and registration of real estate rights.

As part of his work, Guy handles projects of residential and commercial use. He has gained special expertise in handling mixed-use developments. Guy specializes in assisting entrepreneurial companies in promoting and implementing urban renewal projects, representing buyer groups, financing real estate transactions and representing real estate companies vis-à-vis banks and financial entities, financing and final execution of projects.

Guy represents companies, non-profits and individuals in the real estate field and provides legal assistance in sales transactions, acquisitions, investments and financing, combination deals, urban renewal transactions of various types ("Pinui Binui", "Tama"), rental agreements and ongoing legal advice and counseling.

Guy has gained vast experience in handling projects as part of the governmental program “Mechir Lamishtaken” and represents both construction companies and groups of buyers in this field.

Guy received his LLB at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2013 and was admitted to the Israel Bar in 2014.


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