Business contacts between Israel and Australia are expanding dramatically, as economic ties deepen. Australia's former Minister of Science and Innovation signed a declaration of collaboration with Israel's Chief Scientist. Australia announced that Tel Aviv would be the first Australian Landing Pad destination, making the development of Australian entrepreneurship in conjunction with the “startup nation” a practical reality. Other bilateral R&D agreements have been signed, a tax treaty is under negotiation, Australian VC funds with an Israeli focus have been formed and Israeli tech companies are listing on the ASX. Yigal Arnon & Co.’s Australia Practice Group is well-situated to help clients leverage the resulting opportunities.

Our Broad Expertise

Our dynamic Australia-Israel team has extensive experience working on M&A and capital markets transactions as well as investments. We represent a wide array of industries—from high-tech, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and agrotech companies to software, medical devices, venture capital, banking, project finance, construction, defense and security businesses. 

Our Australia Connections

  • Clients appreciate our sensitivity in bridging the gaps between our differing legal systems and cultures.
  • We have strong professional relationships with leading Australian law firms, and our team includes partners who previously steered transactions at some of these firms. These ties enable us to offer comprehensive legal advice in each transaction, whether in Australia or Israel.
  • We host visiting political figures from Australia and prominent representatives of Australia's banking, investment and technology communities, and our firm advises these individuals on the unique aspects of Australian–Israeli transactions.

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