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The Aviation industry is a very significant business sector in Israel and internationally, and has shown continuous growth over the last few years. In order to offer our clients the best service, we have formed a dedicated and organic team with partners and associates who specialize in the aviation industry.

Yigal Arnon & Co. has extensive experience representing Israeli and foreign airlines, travel and tourism companies as well as other aviation-related companies.

Our Aviation Group provides ongoing counsel and legal support, offering quick, professional and comprehensive solutions on a range of different subjects. We provide legal opinions to foreign companies operating or seeking to operate in Israel, advising them on the regulatory matters, including private international law and the relationship between foreign law and domestic Israeli law. 

We represent numerous aviation clients in litigation proceedings, including class action lawsuits, dealing with claims regarding breach of Israeli law, foreign law and international conventions. We have successfully represented in some of the most important aviation cases in Israel, including several that have created precedents and have helped shape the very specific laws governing the sector, as well as other sectors on consumer law issues.

Our clients in this sector receive end-to-end services covering all of their legal needs. We advise on commercial matters, the applicability of Israel’s Aviation Services Law and Air Transport Law, the applicability of international treaties and foreign law, questions relating to airport fees and taxes, cargo and liability for damages, privacy, accessibility, antitrust and consumer complaints and NGOs. We assist in the preparation of marketing materials, advise on issues relating to loyalty club memberships and sponsored credit cards, help in the drafting of air transport policies and general conditions of carriage, provide regulatory advocacy (e.g., with the Ministry of Tourism or Consumer Protection Agency) and assist with legislative processes applicable to the sector, etc. 


Traditionally, drones were considered the domain of the Israeli defense industry and, as such, were dominated by the major Israeli defense companies. In the last few years however, the Israeli market has witnessed a surge in technological innovation related to civilian uses of drones: from hardware and flight-control algorithms, through to applications in sectors such as agriculture, real estate development, forest preservation, surveillance, law enforcement and more. Hundreds of Israeli startups as well as established companies are gaining market share in this new field.

Yigal Arnon and Co. has developed special know-how in this field, and assists and supports drone technology companies with the unique legal expertise needed to grow their business. Such expertise encompasses a broad range of aspects, including export control regulation, civil aviation authority requirements, frequencies and liability, as well as traditional legal services related to growth companies.


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