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Yigal Arnon & Co. was one of the first firms in Israel to recognize the growing potential of blockchain technology and its capacity to facilitate significant changes within traditional and new industries. Our attorneys leverage their comprehensive understanding of the blockchain technology and its applications as they provide a wide-ranging scope of legal services. Our firm has been representing some of Israel’s leading companies, offering legal counsel to numerous and diverse clients. These range from entrepreneurs at their initial stages of development to large-scale public companies in Israel and worldwide, as well as investors.   

The firm’s practice in this area includes the following issues:

  • Representing clients in proceedings with the Israeli Securities Authority (ISA) in preliminary requests and 'no-action' proceeding
  • Initial public offering of leading companies in the field
  • Counseling  on the issue of money laundering and counter terrorism financing related to cryptocurrencies       
  • Privacy and information protection related to blockchain technology
  • Providing legal counsel and regulatory advice throughout the process of obtaining licenses for changes and exchanges dealing with cryptocurrencies
  • Accompanying and consulting throughout the process of obtaining licenses in accordance with the Financial Services Supervision Act (regulated financial services) and dealing with the Capital Market Authority, Insurance and Savings
  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
  • Establishing hedge funds and venture capital funds dealing with blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • Counseling on tax, various taxation aspects and dealing with the tax authorities within the realms of cryptocurrencies
  • Commercial agreements pertaining to cryptocurrencies 
  • Dealing with subjects that are unique to cryptographic currencies, such as coin/token airdropping, Defi, hard-forks, and offering cryptocurrencies options
  • Accompanying merger and acquisition transactions of companies that develop technology within the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies 
  • Counseling on initiatives that utilize blockchain and cryptocurrency technology within the FinTech industry, including issues pertaining to the required licenses, engagements with service providers, product planning in accordance with regulatory requirements, and the recommended plan for target market penetration based on existing regulations
  • The minting and selling of NFTs
  • Structuring in-game tokens for gaming platforms and metaverse applications
  • Advising on DAO formation and Dex liquidity pools 

From its early stages our firm assumes an active role in the development of the cryptocurrency field of knowledge, through our participation and presentations at various professional panels, as well as through article publications and by providing interviews to media channels both in Israel and worldwide. Additionally, our teams have worked alongside relevant regulatory parties in Israel, taking part in defining policies and guidelines pertaining to cryptocurrencies.      

Our cross-industry team comprises professionals from the following fields:

  • Financial Services Regulation
  • Merger and Acquisition Transactions
  • Information Security and Privacy
  • Tax
  • Capital Markets and Securities
  • Investments and Financing

Our team offers its services to:

  • Entrepreneurs and coin/token sellers
  • Public companies
  • Global companies that operate within the Israeli blockchain and cryptocurrency sector
  • Leading service providers within the cryptocurrency sector
  • Financial organizations and asset managers
  • Marketplaces and cryptocurrency brokers
  • Venture capital funds, hedge funds, and private investment funds and their portfolios
  • Coin/token marketers and brokers-dealers
  • Funds interested in digital asset exchange
  • Global investment banks
  • Others operating within the blockchain sector and smart contracts

The firm is represented in the Israeli Blockchain Forum, which brings together technology companies, attorneys and accountants operating within the blockchain sector that work alongside various regulatory parties to promote this industry in Israel.


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