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Yigal Arnon & Co. is active in education law. We represent and advise a wide range of educational institutions and organizations, including in regard to:  

  • The administration and operation of educational institutions
  • Licensing and recognition by the Israeli government
  • Governmental budgeting and funding
  • The regulation of charitable organizations
  • Human resources issues involving faculty, staff and service providers
  • Disciplinary and other student-related issues
  • Property and related assets, including land allocation by local municipalities
  • Taxation, including with regard to the tax-exempt status of nonprofit organizations (income tax, real estate taxation, VAT), business income, the eligibility for tax exemptions and tax credits for donors
  • Ongoing matters, from tenders and contracts to legal proceedings

We also represent clients vis-à-vis the Israeli Ministry of Education, as well as in judicial proceedings, such as in administrative courts and before the High Court of Justice and various appeal committees.

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