Insurance is a dynamic field that covers many diverse disciplines—for example, life insurance, property insurance and group insurance. It also has a special bearing on the capital markets because insurance companies are financial institutions that provide long-term savings, and sell to their clients various saving and investment instruments, such as managers’ insurance, pension insurance and provident funds. Consequently, this sector is closely—and increasingly—regulated by the Supervisor of Insurance through circulars and directives. 

Yigal Arnon & Co. has exceptional expertise in the various branches of insurance and has worked for many years with Israel’s leading insurance companies.

We provide comprehensive legal services to insurers. This includes:

  • Representation in litigation, including in particular class actions, across all areas of the industry
  • Representation in proceedings involving the Supervisor of Insurance (for example, in hearings and in matters involving financial penalties, administrative penalties and ombudsman complaints)
  • Handling regulatory and related procedures with the Supervisor of Insurance
  • Providing ongoing representation in the handling of client claims and ombudsman complaints
  • Handling compliance matters
  • Assisting in the drafting of insurance contracts, taking into account all recent case law and regulatory instructions
  • Managing international insurance-related arbitrations
  • Managing large-scope environmental claims
  • Providing ongoing legal advice to foreign insurers with activity in Israel—and representing foreign insurers in Israeli courts

We provide similarly comprehensive legal services to corporations as customers of insurers. This includes:

  • Ongoing insurance-related legal advice
  • Managing tort- and insurance-related litigation, including lawsuits with industry-wide implications
  • Mediating and arbitrating large-scale insurance and tort claims
  • Providing insurance-related advice in mergers and acquisitions

We also provide monitoring services for insurers and underwriters in insurance-related legal proceedings. In addition, we represent actuarial firms and other clients that seek our help with legal opinions and contracts, as well as provide legal services to insurance agencies, starting with licensing and extending across all other legal issues that arise.


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