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Commercial Litigation 

The Litigation Group at Yigal Arnon & Co. is among the most renowned in Israel. We have extensive experience with large, complex litigation, and have represented clients before all domestic tribunals, from courts and appellate committees to planning and building committees.

Our top-ranked team—which includes arbitrators and mediators as well as litigators—also handles cross-border litigation and works closely with leading international law firms. For example, we handle all civil-commercial matters, have a highly experienced white-collar team and offer unrivaled experience in class actions brought in Israel.

We are highly attentive to our clients’ needs, tailoring our teams to represent them in disputes as efficiently as possible. We think out of the box to solve our clients’ problems, whether or not in court.

Class Actions

Yigal Arnon & Co.’s experience in class action litigation is unparalleled in Israel. 

Ours was one of the first large firms in the country to handle class actions when they were first allowed under applicable law in the 1990s, and we have since become the firm of choice for both local and multinational clients. To our knowledge, we have handled more class actions than any other firm in Israel. 

A recognized leader by both domestic and international ranking publications, we have represented defendants in hundreds of class actions across numerous sectors, from banking, insurance, securities, telecommunications, aviation, real estate and technology to consumer goods, infrastructure and education.

Administrative Law Practice 

Yigal Arnon & Co. has extensive experience in administrative petitions as well as petitions and appeals to the Supreme Court. The same is the case in regard to drafting and negotiating tender documents, advising clients in regard to legislation and regulations. 

Our Administrative Law Practice regularly represent clients:

  • Before government authorities and administrative bodies
  • In administrative appeal procedures in the Administrative Affairs Court, the Supreme Court and the High Court of Justice
  • Against administrative actions, submitting applications for permits and licenses required by law, and before appeal committees
  • In tender matters before public bodies and in relevant administrative law issues

Notably, we handled one of Israel's most important administrative law matters—a petition to the High Court of Justice as a public service on behalf of IDF soldiers. As a result of our petition, the Israeli High Court of Justice obligated the IDF to establish criteria for updating the basic subsistence allowance given to IDF soldiers. This led to an increase of approximately NIS 1 billion to the basic subsistence allowance budget, long overdue in a country where military service is for the most part universal and compulsory.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Yigal Arnon & Co. has a top-tier intellectual property litigation practice. We also stand out for representing a broad range of clients, from technology, media and entertainment companies to government entities.

Our IP Litigation Group enforces copyrights, patents, trademarks and related proprietary rights and defends against claims in these areas. For example, we have extensive expertise in dealing with commercial disputes related to patent license agreements and copyright license agreements. 

Our Media and Entertainment Practice is also substantial, representing some of the largest music, television, radio, film and multimedia companies in the Israeli as well as well-known artists. We also navigate disputes involving new media, from the internet to e-publishing.

Banking Litigation

Yigal Arnon & Co. represents Israeli and foreign banks, investment houses and international financial institutions in all types of banking-related disputes, in court, in arbitrations and before other tribunals.

For example, we:

  • Defend banks in complex claims filed against them, including in regard to securities investment consulting; derivative and futures transactions; trading room services; interest and commissions; provision and freezing of loans and credit lines; and the preparation, management and liquidation of collateral
  • Represent banks in other legal proceedings instigated by clients, guarantors and collateral holders, including financial claims, collateral liquidation proceedings and proceedings arising from collection processes
  • Work with banks in insolvency proceedings, including those involving liquidation, protection against creditors and debt restructuring, asset liquidation and receivership and bankruptcies—where the bank initiates the process and where it is a third party
  • Represent banks in class actions, including those arising from bank-client relationships and the implementation of regulatory instructions
  • Represent banks, officers and shareholders in derivative actions pertaining to the banks’ management
  • Represent banks in other facets of their work, including copyrights and intellectual property, embezzlements and other unlawful actions against the bank by their employees

Derivative Actions

Derivative actions are a tool with which shareholders or directors—and in some cases creditors—can enforce the company’s rights against a third party when the company’s management fails to do so. Yigal Arnon & Co. represents numerous plaintiffs in Israel in these actions, including in derivative actions arising from of some of the country’s largest and most high-profile business transactions. We have extensive experience in filing petitions for leave to file derivative action, for example, and in filing motions for discovery.

Real Estate Litigation

Yigal Arnon & Co.’s Litigation Group is highly experienced in representing clients in real estate litigation, from pre-litigation negotiations through court proceedings, in all venues.

For example, we represent clients in contractual and title-related disputes, including in real estate disputes, client-contractor conflicts, client-contractor disputes, collateral liquidation processes, insolvencies, dissolution of real estate partnerships, claims against minority parties blocking urban renewal (pinui binui and Tama 38), construction defect claims, landlord-tenant conflicts, disputes between rights holders in residential buildings, disputes regarding realtor services, administrative planning and building disputes, real-estate related torts, improvement levy (hetel hashbaha) processes, levy procedures, proceedings involving the Israel Land Authority, proceedings before the Supervisor of Batim Meshutafim (condominiums), land tax disputes.

We also represent local authorities and land owners in eminent domain procedures, in the courts and before land assessors.

International Litigation

Yigal Arnon & Co. is a go-to firm when it comes to representing both Israeli and foreign clients in cross-border disputes. Representing major players in nearly all industries, we have mastered the distinctive aspects of international litigation, including the international jurisdiction of Israeli courts, conflict of law rules, enforcement of foreign judgments in Israel, and international arbitrations and legal cooperation between states in civil and commercial matters. 

Our team understands foreign clients' interests with respect to litigating in Israel. We often handle the "Israeli front" in complex matters, including in disputes over product liability, mass torts, M&A transactions and securities. In addition, we are often appointed by leading Israeli and foreign insurers to represent their clients in Israeli litigation and we work closely with Israeli representatives of leading foreign insurers that are active in the Israeli markets.


Insurance is closely monitored by the Supervisor of Insurance through circulars, directives and proliferating regulation. Yigal Arnon & Co. has demonstrated expertise in each branch of the industry (life, property and group insurance), and has provided comprehensive representation—including litigation counsel—to Israel’s leading insurance companies for many years. We also represent actuarial firms, which seek our help with legal opinions and contracts, and insurance agencies.


Yigal Arnon & Co. has vast experience handling tort matters. Our clients include some of the largest commercial entities in Israel as well as corporations and individuals. We also represent leading local and foreign insurers, both as plaintiffs and as defendants, in the courts and in arbitration.

We are well-known for handling claims arising from fire and water damages as well as claims pursuant to Israel’s Compensation of Road Accident Victims Law. We also have special expertise in electricity-related damages and are the go-to law firm in Israel in those matters. In addition, given our breadth of experience in tort law, we have been selected to represent some of the largest corporations involved in large-scale environmental tort actions in Israel, such as the Kishon River, Ramat Hovav and Mount Carmel fire disaster claims.


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