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Yigal Arnon & Co.’s Transportation Group is well-known for its experience with the privatization of and public-private partnership in transportation projects. We are also highly regarded for our representation of public-sector clients in national and international projects and tenders, and in joint ventures with foreign companies.

Broad Experience

To provide our clients with the best possible representation, we deploy lawyers from our various practice groups, including our lawyers with extensive expertise in tender and contract law and litigation.
We represent tendering committees of government and other public-sector entities in the largest transportation projects in Israel, including the light rail projects in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and the Metronit project in Haifa, and in public bus line tenders.
Our lawyers have a highly successful track record of working with foreign clients seeking to get involved in commercial and other business activities in Israel and are renowned for their representation of and work with public-sector entities.
We also have vast experience working in the public sector, including in obtaining licenses and permits, filing applications for corporate activity, and in the context of regulatory matters, including participating in the legislative process.

Infrastructure Tenders

Yigal Arnon & Co. is a leader in when it comes to tenders, having gained extensive experience in transportation projects typically carried out through public tenders. In recent years, for example, we have been involved in several large transportation tenders and in many transportation infrastructure projects. 

In large public contracts we often represent the government ministry issuing the tender (for example, the Ministry of Finance or Transportation or the NTA). We also represent private companies and assist in putting together bidding consortia which may include multiple industry, finance and professional member.   In other tenders, we represent the financing banks. Our breadth of experience gives us the necessary know-how to handle all tender stages, from drafting and prequalification to performance on the ground. Our lawyers who assist private sector clients have the specific skills needed to draft tender bids in accordance with the required criteria, while emphasizing the bidding client’s strengths. The tenders in which our firm has participated include the light rail lines in Jerusalem (the Red and Green Lines) and in Tel Aviv (the operational tender for the Red Line, and planning and construction tenders for the Red, Green and Purple Lines), the Metronit project in Haifa, bus-line (“Privatization”) tenders, automated electronic enforcement and other public transport projects.

Tender Litigation

Yigal Arnon & Co. is highly proficient in handling tender-related litigation, which is very common in Israel after the winning bid is announced. This kind of litigation involves a complex factual foundation, intricate legal knowledge and the ability to quickly handle a large volume of tasks. In most cases, we represent tender bidders challenging the tender results or defending their selection. In some instances we represent the tendering committee in its defense of its selection (or we assist, if the attorney general’s office takes the lead). In other cases, we represent bidders challenging the tender terms ahead of the bidding stage. Thanks to our multifaceted experience with challenges of the tender results and with subsequent court appeals, we can easily help our clients avoid pitfalls when drafting tender documents and managing the process (in cases where we represent the government or other public-sector issuers), or when putting together the bid and communicating with the tender issuer (in cases where we represent bidders). This can save our clients precious time and money and help them bring their full competitive skills to the fore.

Transportation Project Finance

Yigal Arnon & Co. is at the forefront of project finance in Israel. Our understanding of the economic and legal interests of the key players in this arena enables us to formulate the most effective ways to help our clients meet their goals. We have vast experience counseling in the project finance of road, transportation infrastructure and light rail projects. Our practice groups are highly proficient in private and public financing structures, including BOT (build-operate-transfer), PFI (public finance initiative) and BOO (build-own-operate). We have also represented the banking sector in projects of this kind. Furthermore, we often work on project finance with public authorities and the public sector, including in regard to permit processes, applications required to enable commercial activity and in the legislative process.


Yigal Arnon & Co. is at the forefront of developments in the rapidly changing automotive industry. We represent a broad range of companies within the automotive supply chain, including companies in the semiconductor, hardware, cybersecurity, connected cars, telematics, sensors, and smart mobility spaces. Our corporate team is familiar with the intensive capital requirements of the automotive industry, and represents the gamut of industry players from large multinationals to startup companies. We have extensive experience negotiating commercial agreements within the demands of the automotive industry, including with multinational OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers. We also have extensive experience with the intellectual property challenges specific to the automotive industry, including regarding standards and FRAND license agreements. With our legal breadth and depth of knowledge, we can support our automotive clients across the regulatory, legal, trade and compliance concerns specific to the automotive industry.  

Smart Mobility

Yigal Arnon & Co.’s practice in the area of smart mobility has been developing side by side with the dynamic Israeli innovation ecosystem. In the past few years, the Israeli industry has seen dramatic growth in technological solutions related to smart mobility, including autonomous vehicles, shared transportation, mass transit, development of infrastructure solutions, cyber protection related to vehicles, sensors, battery technologies and web-based transportation platforms. Yigal Arnon & Co. has developed a highly effective practice in these areas, offering legal counsel and services on issues such as regulation, standards, investments, working with the Israeli Innovation Authority, joint ventures, Intellectual property and mergers and acquisitions.


Traditionally, drones were considered the domain of the Israeli defense industry and, as such, were dominated by the major Israeli defense companies. In the past few years, however, the Israeli market has witnessed a surge in technological innovation related to civilian uses of drones—from the hardware underpinning drones and new algorithms for controlling their flight to modifications allowing for new drone applications in areas that include agriculture, housing, forest preservation, surveillance and law enforcement. Hundreds of Israeli startups as well as established companies are gaining market share. Yigal Arnon and Co. has honed its ability to assist and support drone technology companies with the specialized legal expertise needed to grow their businesses. Such expertise encompasses a broad range of matters, from sharing in-depth knowledge on export control regulations, civil aviation authority requirements, frequencies and liability to providing the traditional legal services required by growing companies.


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