24 September 2020

The Marker (Hebrew)
24 May 2020

Adv. Shira Lahat provides insight into how the Covid-19 pandemic affects Israel and the legal issues arising at this time.

16 January 2020

More and more employees want to use their laptop or their private smartphone in the workplace. How to deal with privacy, intellectual property and information security issues when computers and phones are not owned by the employer?

Calcalist (Hebrew)
25 November 2019

Adv. Shira Lahat contributed to an article for the Calcalist newspaper.

Calcalist (Hebrew)
18 August 2019

Do you employ a nanny or a cleaning person? You should know that they have rights that if you do not fulfill them you can get involved in claims that will cost you a lot of money.

Yedihot Hachronot (Hebrew)
01 May 2019

The workers of 2019 may not be the workers of a hundred years ago, and the right to strike is a recognized right, but in recent years a new type of "workers" has been created - without job security, guaranteed income, social benefits or paid vacation - and society must take care of them.

Calcalist (Hebrew)


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