28 January 2021

This article explores uses of telemedicine services and AI applications in the health sector, and addresses challenges that are endemic in these technologies.

Israel Desks - 2020 Edition
24 November 2020

In the struggle against Covid-19, medical research constitutes an essential tool in finding new treatments and developing vaccines.

23 November 2020

Medical information accumulated during therapeutic treatment over the years can have a tremendous impact on medical progress and treatment.

25 October 2020

Eliza: Is something troubling you? You: Men are all alike. Eliza: What is the connection, do you suppose? You: They are always bugging me about something or other.

11 October 2020

By Adv. Tamar Tavory & Itamar Netzer, MD, OB/GYN

15 September 2020

When we record our meals and exercises in our health app; when we indicate our kid’s symptoms in order to decide if to take her to the emergency room; when we check in an expert's forum the ramifications of mammography results ‒ we are conducting routine practices that characterize life in a mode

01 May 2020

The Corona pandemic demonstrates the important role of digital health in the medical world. In most western countries, Corona health policy is based on epidemiological “big data” prediction. Technology is used for monitoring the spread of the disease.

01 April 2019

An article on recent developments in the high-tech world in Israel in general and in the fields of sports-tech and cannabis in particular. 

The Lawyers' Journal (Hebrew)


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