Yigal Arnon counsels clients in connection with a wide range of data privacy and database matters, including privacy audits and strategy, web site privacy notices, cross-border transfers, data collection and sharing, direct marketing, outsourced data-related services, commercial transactions having privacy and data protection implications, and database management. We also advise clients in connection with data protection strategies for data-heavy and conventional businesses, including mobile applications, web-based services and other businesses—for example, in the highly regulated healthcare and financial services industries.

GDPR and Other Global Expertise

As businesses become global yet privacy regulation remains local, a key aspect Yigal Arnon’s practice involves helping clients understand and comply with varied, and sometimes conflicting, local and regional privacy and data protection requirements. We are particularly adept at working with clients to create Israeli regulatory compliance programs that are consistent with their global privacy strategies.

Members of our privacy team have been certified by the International Association of Privacy Professionals in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and have the required expertise to perform analyses in that field in close coordination with EU lawyers and data protection professionals.

Our longstanding relationships with foreign law firms enable us to ensure that clients receive comprehensive guidance responsive to their privacy and data protection needs. This includes considering compliance requirements in Europe as well as in the United States and other countries. We offer a range of services related to Israeli, European (GDPR) and U.S. requirements, including efficient turnkey solutions together with other service providers.     

Other components of our practice include:

  • Advising prominent global organizations on data protection matters relating to operations in Israel—and working with them to adapt their global data collection, use, security and transfer policies and procedures to the unique Israeli regulatory environment
  • Advising on commercial transactions that have privacy and data protection implications, including negotiating data transfer agreements
  • Advising on the trans-border flow of information
  • Assisting with data breaches and investigations by the Privacy Protection Authority (PPA), Israel’s data protection authority
  • Conducting sophisticated due diligence in the M&A and investment contexts
  • Advising on regulatory compliance and data breach incidents
  • Representing clients in legal proceedings that involve privacy and data protection issues, including in complex class action litigation. For example, we have represented clients in disputes involving mobile geo-location data, targeted advertisements in email communications and data subject access requests.

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