08 March 2021

This past year, women were at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19 -- physicians, nurses, entrepreneurs, researchers, CEOs, community leaders, and abroad -- heads of states.Adv. Tamar Tavory, Special Counsel in our Firm, and Dr.

21 February 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic led to the dismantling of regulatory, psychological and organizational barriers, and brought about an exponential increase in the use of tele-health. 

28 January 2021

This article explores uses of telemedicine services and AI applications in the health sector, and addresses challenges that are endemic in these technologies.

Israel Desks - 2020 Edition
24 November 2020

In the struggle against Covid-19, medical research constitutes an essential tool in finding new treatments and developing vaccines.

23 November 2020

Medical information accumulated during therapeutic treatment over the years can have a tremendous impact on medical progress and treatment.

25 October 2020

Eliza: Is something troubling you? You: Men are all alike. Eliza: What is the connection, do you suppose? You: They are always bugging me about something or other.

11 October 2020

By Adv. Tamar Tavory & Itamar Netzer, MD, OB/GYN

15 September 2020

When we record our meals and exercises in our health app; when we indicate our kid’s symptoms in order to decide if to take her to the emergency room; when we check in an expert's forum the ramifications of mammography results ‒ we are conducting routine practices that characterize life in a mode


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