02 December 2014

This article was published in the second edition of the Oil and Gas Law Review.

31 October 2012

Environmental legislation is expanding. Recently, another law was passed, regulating the environmental treatment of electronic equipment and batteries. The article was published in the journal of the Israeli Bar Association in Jerusalem, in October 2012.

16 July 2012

The article was published on the Bar Association newspaper. 

18 April 2012

The article was published in "The International Comparative Legal Guide to Environment & Climate Change Law" 2012.

27 February 2012

This article was published on "Betaon" - the Israel Bar Association's newspaper.

30 March 2011

Each of us lawyers, can play a "role" in promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency in Israel and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This "role" could of course be in our personal lives, but we can also promote these causes in our professional work. Our awareness of the importance of this issue can also help bring about a real change in the businesses of our clients, as well.

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