22 October 2015

Korean translation of the a​rticle: "Forgetting FRAND", which appeared in the September issue of SEP inside. Original article  

11 October 2015

While the R&D Law has undergone many amendments, none were as drastic as the recent one. Not only will a new National Authority for Technological Innovation be established for purposes of granting benefits to Israeli companies (instead of the OCS), this new Authority will have extensive discretion regarding the establishing of different tracks with different rules for the purposes of granting benefits. Large sections of the R&D Law hav

14 July 2015

The article was published in the Haaretz newspaper on July 2015.

16 June 2015

The WIPO has published model submission agreements for the arbitration of disputes involving commitments to license patents under “fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory” (FRAND) terms. These model submission agreements provide for flexible arbitral procedures based on the standard WIPO arbitration rules, but surprisingly refrain from setting out rules and procedures specifically tailored for FRAND disputes.

06 January 2015

The article was published on "People and Computers" website.

26 October 2014

Eli Greenbaum has authored the Israel chapter in the second edition of the International Free and Open Source Software Law Book.

22 October 2014

This article was published in Data Protection & Privacy - Jurisdictional Comparisons (European Lawyer Reference Series).


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