27 January 2011

This update summarizes draft guidelines released by the Database Registrar in respect of the collection and use of personal data provided by job applicants to companies providing pre-employment evaluation and screening services.  If the guidelines are released in their current form, they will impose substantive obligations on employers who refer job applicants to these screening agencies.

24 January 2011

This memo provides a general introduction to open source software, addressing some terms in open source licenses that commercial entities may find problematic, recent case law in Israel enforcing an open-source license, and the issues raised by open source licenses in investment and other corporate transactions.

01 November 2008

The Law prohibits dissemination of commercial e-mail advertisements, as well as other forms of electronic advertisements, without the recipient’s prior express consent.

08 September 2008

The article discusses the role of the Office of the Chief Scientist (“OCS”) of the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor and its many programs, and the effect of the Law for the Encouragement of Industrial Research and Development, 1984, as amended (the “Law”) on the success of the high tech sector in Israel.

01 June 2008

Israel has increasingly become an important centre for conducting multinational clinical trials, with major pharmaceutical companies sponsoring trials in the country's many academic and medical facilities. With high-quality medical professionals and leading academics, in addition to a diverse population base and a modernized regulatory environment, Israel is an attractive venue for conducting clinical research.


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